Oakley Hall Hotel

Lone Travellers Policy

Oakley Hall Hotel offers a Lone Travellers Policy; this basically offers people who travel alone a chance to feel completely secure and relaxed whilst enjoying their stay with us. This policy is available on request, aimed predominantly at females, however male guests are more than welcome to request this service.

· Female’s travelling alone, where possible will be allocated a bedroom in the main house and not on the ground floor.

· An assisted service is available from the hotel carpark to the hotel, especially at night if requested.

· All carparks are fully lit with CCTV

· All public areas are covered by CCTV

· A room number will never be read out on check-in unless specially requested by the guest. The room number will always be pointed out on the registration card.

· We never give out lone female’s name or room number.

· In the event of a misplaced keycard, identification will be required for a new keycard to be issued.

· All Bedroom doors are fitted with a spy hole and an additional security bar or double lock.

· Lone females are given the option of where they feel most comfortable to sit in the restaurant wherever possible.

· Quick dial reception telephone number is printed on all bedroom telephones

· Bedside lighting controls as standard in all rooms

· Same sex room service provided upon request wherever possible.