Oakley Hall Hotel

Green certificate

Oakley Hall Hotel is committed in all things 'green’ to help reduce our carbon footprint throughout the hotel. Staff awareness and training which can be fed through to guests is key to implementing changes in order to reduce, re-use and recycle. Some of the small but effective changes we have made are listed below.

We now:

Recycle all glass, paper, cardboard.

Continue to follow a ‘field to fork’ philosophy on using local produce sourced from within a 50-mile radius.

Continue to develop and maintain our own Kitchen Garden, where we grow a fantastic variety of vegetables and herbs and plenty of fruit.

Recycle the cooking oil used in our kitchen.

Use recyclable and compostable cocktail napkins made from sustainably-sourced fibres which are bleached using an eco-friendly chlorine free process.

Give our guests the option of not having their towelling laundered every day.

Determine alternative cycles in appropriate circumstances so sheet laundering is no longer an automatic daily process.

Continue to email all confirmation, invoices and receipts where possible.

Produce e-brochures to reduce the number of brochures and information packs sent out.

Offer guests access to digital newspapers and magazines from around the world whilst at the hotel.

Use a key card system that will automatically switch off bedroom lights and power when guests leave the room.

Play an active part in the local community by supporting and attending local and regional fairs and events and donate prizes to charity fundraising events.

Heating sensors installed throughout where we set the desired temperature on the heating control panel.

Use LED lights in large areas of the hotel with an ongoing strategy to introduce throughout gradually.

Set all printers to double sided printing and where possible copiers used rather than individual printers.


Electric car charging points:

Oakley Hall Hotel has 2 x 22kW & 6 x 7kW un-tethered Type2 electric car charger points that are payable via the PodPoint App or https://charge.pod-point.com/address/oakley-hall-hotel-1m7m2